How to create trust distribution resolutions in Xero

This post is for accountants who use Xero and want to send out trust distribution resolutions that look like thier Xero financial statements.

29 June is looming

So I write this post on 9th May 2018.

6 days short of the 15th May deadline..............

I guess that's why they call them deadlines?...................as the dead all get lined up and shovelled out?

So what looms for Australian accounting firms after 15th May?

Apart from relief?

29 June trust distribution resolutions.

Get that crystal ball out

As many of you know, it is time to get the resolutions signed prior to the end of the financial year.

Which is simple right?

I mean, who can't do that?

Who can't forecast the financial information of a client who:

  1. Buys a truck and forgets to tell you
  2. Buys a truck in the company name and forgets to tell you
  3. Got divorced and was too embarrassed to tell you
  4. Does not know the difference between work related expenses and personal expenses
  5. Forgot to tell you they opened two new bank accounts
  6. Applied payments against invoices, then cleared the associated bank deposits to another revenue account, then lodged the BAS
  7. Did not pay ASIC from the business account
  8. Did not pay the ATO from the business account
  9. Took nine months to send the bank statement PDFs, then sent the wrong ones

You see, its simple.....................what do we pay you for?

Do it................in Xero

So if you are a Xero Partner, and you run your practice on Xero, then you can set up your trust resolutions and make them:

  1. Easy to edit
  2. Prefill with actual client information
  3. Present the same way as your financial statements
  4. Take about 5 minutes to prepare
  5. Able to be copied for next year

So how do you do that?

Watch the video below

Essentially what you need is, to watch the video below and follow along.

You will need:

  1. To set up report fields
  2. To have your "master" trust resolution minutes in MS Word / Excel or something that you can easily copy and paste from
  3. Have access to report templates

Have all that ready to go and follow along.

Like to know more?

We help Xero partners with heaps of different items around best practice inside accounting firms.

We specialise in:

  1. Financial statement automation
  2. Client mapping to report codes
  3. Chart of accounts strategies
  4. Workpapers

So get in touch and find out if we can help you out, book a free 15 minute chat here:


Have a great day

Thanks for watching.

Hope you have an awesome day!


Donnie Buchanan



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