How to create an engagement letter in Xero

This post is for accountants who want to automate their systems further and send engagement letters from Xero.

How do you do it?

So, how do you do your engagement letters right now?

Microsoft Word?

Practice Ignition?

Go Proposal?

Other software?

If you are doing it in word or excel, then you can do it in Xero, easily.

Then the letter will look the same as your financial statements.

How does that sound?

Read the below and watch the video

Have a quick read below and then watch the video.

You will be automating this in no time!

Build it in Xero, in 30 minutes

If you want to build it in Xero, go and grab a copy of it so you can copy and paste the structure of it into Xero.

Once in Xero, the main task is to create "report fields" and insert them as "placeholders".

Then for each client, their details will fill through to the engagement letter.

Here are some report fields you should create:

  1. Owners list - a list of owners from say 1 to 10, First and last name
  2. Meeting address - there might be a meeting address needed for items such as minutes
  3. Directors - for companys and corporate trustees
  4. Partners - for partners in partnership
  5. ACN - Australian Company Number
  6. Trustee Company
  7. Trustee Individual
  8. Chairperson - for meetings and minutes

You might expect that some of these fields are already in Xero?.......................no that is not the case.

Copy and paste over

Then, you just copy and paste your wording over into Xero.

You start by creating a template with a blank report, then insert a text block.

Copy / paste

Then go in and add report fields.

Publish it and now you can use this across your whole Xero client base.

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Donnie Buchanan


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