How to improve your Xero ledger efficiency

This post is for accountants that use Xero ledgers and Xero report templates.

You are looking for better processes for getting data into a Xero ledger.

Some clients won't move

Hello Accountants.

So, some clients won't change their software. 

That shit just happens.

If you are a 100% Xero practice and use Xero ledgers and report templates, then you are stuck with the task of getting other data into Xero.

For example, a client may give you a MYOB or QuickBooks back-up, then you need to extract that information and get it into Xero.


No, it's not.

So what are the options?

1 - You can always print it and code it in.....

2 - Or have the software open in one window / screen and type it into Xero........

3 - Or import a journal using Xero's import template. 

  • So have you tried using point 3?
  • How did that go? 
  • What would be the biggest pain point here?

More than likely, it would be mapping the customers chart of accounts to your Xero ledger chart of accounts.


Well, we may be able to help you do that a little easier, and faster............maybe.

Check out the video below

The video below (20 minutes) shows you:

How to use drop-down lists to add your clients Xero chart of accounts into the journal import template.

Why would you do that?

So it makes it easier to map.

All you have to do is:

  1. Download the import template and chart of accounts
  2. Create some source data - 3 to 4 minutes
  3. Reformat MYOB or QB data - 3 to 4 minutes
  4. Copy over export into template
  5. Run some mapping - time depends on how big the chart is
  6. Do some further edits - 3 to 4 minutes
  7. Import it

So the value depends on how long it currently takes compared to how long it could take using this new "drop-down" list option.

Have a go!

Hope that helps

Well I hope that was helpful?


Donnie Buchanan

042 1631 241



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