We are excited to announce we can help you with Datamolino!

What is Datamolino?

Datamolino is an expense app that is part of the Xero HQ preferred apps (alongside Receipt Bank and Hubdoc).

Xero blog on Datamolino from Guy Alexander.

Datamolino basically extracts data from business expense items and send it into Xero, saving customers having to code it in.

Items such as PDFs, scanned images, photos, etc, they all have data extracted and sent to Xero, line by line.

What do we do for you?

We help you get set up and using it.

Accounting and bookkeeping firms can manage their clients payables for them, using folders and notifications.

The feeds go directly into Xero HQ, so you can see all.

Another way to help you

So this is another way we can help you manage your Xero HQ practice. 


Donnie Buchanan


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