Coming soon..................Big announcement for Xero Partners using Xero HQ

This post is for accountants and bookkeepers who are looking at or considering a Xero HQ solution for their business.

Your choice, your future

At Xerocon in September 2017, Xero announced the “Xero HQ Apps”.

The crux of it was, that accounting and bookkeeping practice can now tailor their own practice solution using what Xero determined as the “best in breed apps”.

These best in breed apps are combined with Xero solutions such as,

  1. Xero report templates
  2. Xero tax
  3. Xero practice manager
  4. Xero projects
  5. Xero workpapers

Xero has even rolled them into bundles, so you can choose from a bundle that best meets your needs.

This should be easy then right?..................................

So why would I care about Entry Count's point of view?

Well, if you are thinking of using Xero HQ for your practice, you have probably started reading, asking around or setting up free trials. 

You have probably received a license renewal from your current software providers and the fees have gone up.

You are probably working with a Xero staff member, who can only offer you so much. 

You could possible feel alone, confused, concerned and anxious.

You don't know who to trust.

You feel pretty lost.

Well, if you tick any of the above, then you sound like most of our customers.

When we help our clients moving to Xero report templates and then onto other Xero HQ solutions, we like them to know these two things:

  1. We know that one size does NOT fit all - despite all the social media noise and sales pitches from software vendors, you are a unique being with unique needs, you have different resources, such as time and money, you have a different number of staff and those staff have different levels of skills and motivations and you have different future plans. You ARE different and need greater attention. 
  2. This project will draw BLOOD - There will be pain, pleasure will come later. Let's face it, you are going to step into the ring and take on the world, like a gladiator against the lions. You are putting your baXXs on the line. You can go it alone or get a team around you. 

So we fully understand and try and assist with these projects as much as possible.

BIG Announcement

Currently, we offer a world-class solution for Xero partners who use Xero Report Templates for preparing financial statements and management reports.

However, we are only one piece of the puzzle. In most cases, with transitions to Xero HQ practices, you could end up with 3-4 different service providers. You could end up with a mixture of:

  • DIY implementations
  • Xero staff support
  • Addons 
  • Other Xero product implementors

So you manage a few moving parts, with some help from your Xero account manager. 

Well, we have an announcement to make, we are going to start helping you with some more of these Xero HQ apps, so you can get more services under one roof.

Which ones? 

Well, we are 99% sure we will have that answer by 1st January 2018.

In the mean time, check out the options below and stay tuned for more announcements.

Reporting, Forecasting and Consolidation

You have probably realised now that Xero does not have "automated" or "pretty" reporting solutions for when it comes to being a quality advisor to your clients. 

You can do it but it requires too many work-arounds and some crafty MS excel skills. 

Who has time for that shXX?

There is no doubting you are a bit of a genius with this MS excel but who cares?

So if you want more automated systems and reports that your clients can actually understand, then choose from these:

  1. Spotlight
  2. Fathom
  3. Futrli

Expense Automation and Management

Your clients probably have receipts, exercise books, PDFs, photos and CSVs.

They may just hand it over to you, or enter into Xero, or enter it into MS excel.

You hate this shXX.

Your staff hate this shXX.

Seriously what type of business owner wants to sit around and manually enter this stuff or file it in folders?

Probably a business owner who is scared of sales, or who doesn't want to grow the business, or themselves.

If you want to free up time for your clients by automating payables, removing physical storage and making them enjoy being in business again, then choose from:

  1. Datamolino
  2. Expensify
  3. Receipt Bank

Document Management

You have files, files everywhere.

You have customers, customers everywhere.

You have emails, emails everywhere.

Your system is heaps of steps, do you need so many?

You wonder if there is a better way.

If you want to automate, simplify, streamline documents that you share with staff and customers and take the pain out of it, then choose from:

  1. SuiteFiles
  2. Hubdoc


You are an accountant or bookkeeper.

Your not a content marketer.

Accountants and bookkeepers (generally) are not equipped for marketing, left side versus right side…………….

If you are wanting a digital presence, don’t do it yourself, outsource some content and make it connect with your Xero HQ customer base, dont end up with duplicated customer information, so use: BOMA

Legal, tax and corporate

You probably can put together an awesome spider-web of a client's tax structure on a crappy old white-board in your office.

It makes not a lot of sense to anyone except an accountant.

Someone in your firm fills out ASIC (corporate) forms. 

They hate this shXX.

If you want to take the hassle out of managing client tax structures, ASIC compliance and other legal headaches then use: Now Infinity

Stay Tuned

So putting a Xero HQ solution together requires a fair bit of work.

Not something that you can do overnight, or do alone, or do without making an investment.

To help you get this right, we will be making some announcements VERY soon!


Donnie Buchanan


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