Will Xero HQ and Zapier be friends?

Who is this post for?

This post is for Xero Partners who are looking for a cloud practice solution which is:

  • Part of Xero HQ
  • As automated as possible
  • Connected to as many apps as possible

There is some hype

So there is a lot of hype our there about Xero HQ.

Rightfully so.

Xero delivers great business software.

They are also getting better and better with their practice tools.

We should know, we are knee-deep in helping Xero partners move to a cloud accounting system. 

We are one of the components.

Which leads to Xero HQ.

What is Xero HQ?

Good question.

At this point, it is a client management system.

There are a number of features around client information, see this blog from Xero.

The blog also shows what will be announced next week at Xerocon; they will unveil the new "Xero HQ apps". 

Everyone who is interested in Xero HQ is considering a move to a 100% cloud practice. 

So what is missing from the Xero HQ offering?

Xero HQ does NOT have:

  1. Job management solution - you can use Xero practice manager
  2. Workpapers solution - you can use Xero workpapers
  3. Tax solution (except AU)
  4. Marketing solution
  5. Forecasting solution
  6. Email and document solution

So what does that leave you with?


How will you actually put all these pieces of the puzzle together?

Do you need all the pieces?

Are you a sole practitioner or multi-partner firm?

Heaps of questions will be answered. 

The main question I have is, will Zapier and Xero HQ be friends?

Will Zapier and Xero HQ be friends?

So what is Zapier?

Zapier is a "connector".

It is best described technically on their website.

In simple terms:

"It slots between separate apps and removes issues such as duplicated data, inefficient workflows and missed opportunities".

"It uses triggers and actions".

"A trigger in this app is an action in another app".


Here is an example:

What if you are using Xero HQ for all your customer information? You also use a CRM such as Insightly, or Capsule. When you add a client to Xero HQ or Capsule, you want the other system to also contain the same customer records. So you have to enter the customer details twice.

But not with Zapier.

Zapier does it for you. 

The trigger in one app creates the action in the other app, with Zapier as the connector.

So with Zapier, you would add the customer information in Xero HQ and press save. Then the save triggers the creation of the same customer records in Capsule.

It saved you entering it twice.

It also merged two systems to kept them in sync.

That is an example of adding customers.

But what about automated marketing campaigns? Or job management? Or document sharing? What else could you automate the backside out of?

Anticipating Xerocon

So with all this, we are anticipating what Xero will announce at Xerocon.

What will these new "Xero apps" actually be?

What will they do?

How will it work?

Will there be implementors?

What will it cost?

Stay tuned...

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