Exclusive invitation to Xero partners - beta test our courses

Who is this post for?

This post is for Xero Partners who want to have customers who use Xero well, so you can focus on better services and adding more value to them so they can live their dreams. 

If that is you, read on, if it is not, you can leave now.

Either watch the video or read below

Help me to help you


We are about to release a new online course for business owners who use Xero.

We are looking for Xero Partners who would like to:

  1. Have customers who use Xero well and don't spend excessive amount of time doing things the wrong way
  2. Offer better services to their customers through management and advisory type services, such as monthly or quarterley reviews and goal settings
  3. Who want to see thier customers succeed in business and live the life they dream of

Who will we do that with you?


Great training content.

With our experience at Xero, we feel we understand the areas that need improving for you and your customers when you are using Xero.

Xero is great.

But is is only great if it is used well.

Why buy software and design processes around it that only capture 25% of its value?

What a fricken waste of money!

How much other money is being wasted on stuff that is inefficient or low value?

That is not out idea of success.

We want your input

So what we will do is give you access to the course before it goes live to the world.

We want you to tell us what works and does not. 

Sound okay?

So what can you do?

Get in touch.

Email - donnie@entrycounts.com

Tell me your story and why I should want you to help me help you.

Jump onto the courses page on the website.

You can see we have some courses up there already.


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