How to create a business profile, using Xero report templates

Who is this post for?

This post is for Xero Partners who use Xero report templates.

Do you want to include some more customer information in these reports, such as trustee name, directors name and other registrations.

If yes, then watch the video below!

Do you need more customer information in your reports


Have you ever run your Xero reports and thought

 "I would love to have some more customer information presented here"

Well, there is an option to resolve this issue.

Xero gives you great control over the "text" content that you can include in your reports. 

Think of using MS Word and the simple editing features you have there. 

That is kind of how easy it is.

Why would you want a business profile?

Good question.

Most people like the idea that you can recall information from the produced PDF, if need me.

You know, when you have the financials in front of you and you think

"Oh what is the tax file number or what is the ACN, or who are the directors?"

It basically answers those types of questions, without you digging around some other paperwork or software to find it. 

Check out the video above on how to build it out AND how to use it for a client.

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