Xero report templates - cast your votes to improve them

Who is this post for?

This post is for Xero Partners who use Xero Report Templates and have found some features either lacking or missing. 

Please vote with us to improve things.

What the issues are, as our customers state


We have built around over 25 Xero Report Templates for accounting practices across Australia in the last 3 months.

We have worked with a variety of different firms, some small sole practitioners, some larger multi-national firms and some fresh start-ups. 

Almost all customers have moved to Xero with some set of assumptions about how things should work. Most of those assumptions are correct and Xero easily meets expectations and exceeds in other areas.

For example, the text editor in Xero is insanely easy to use. You can copy from MS word or any text source and paste into a "text block". Saves retyping. 

You can add some "custom schedules" to the income statement, balance sheet, any report you want. These are basically a trimmed down version of MS excel spreadsheets that you can pop figures into and calculate things like Row A plus Row B or group A times 25%. Its open for business.

However, there are some things that don't quite work as well as you would hope. Or don't work at all. They are only very small things, but all my customers just wish they would go away.

So I have taken the liberty to create the form below and:

  1. Show you where and how you can get these features added.
  2. Gather feedback on how valuable everything is to you.

But before that, see Xero Community basics.

Xero Community Basics

In case you did not know, you have the power to make change.

Xero has a community and within that community are a list of "feature requests".

Xero determines its feature improvements based on the "votes" by users in this community. Other factors also affect their decisions, but you don't have a say there.

I think you get around 10 votes per year, so use them wisely.

Check it out here - https://community.xero.com/

Navigate to business, feature requests; you can sort them by votes and what you will notice is the ones with the highest number of votes are either "completed" or "scheduled."

However, before you do anything, enter your name and email address in the form below, and I'll contact you so you can stay up-to-date on what our customers want changed in Xero report templates.

Fill out the form below

So if you are still reading, then you are committed to getting the best from your Xero report templates.

Fill out the form below, we just need an email address from you as we want to get back in touch if we hear of any good news around these issues.

Make sure you vote in the community!


Donnie B

"What ever you take, take it easy"  - Sam Thing

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