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How to create a rental statement, using Xero report templates

This post is for Xero Partners who use Xero Report Templates. Do you have clients who own real estate and want to track each locations performance, without massive editing and reporting headaches? Then check out the video below!...

August 21, 2017

How productive are you with Xero reports?

This post is for Xero Partners who use Xero report templates. It will help you: Measure your productivity against our customersDetermine what you need to do to get to the same level as our customers...

August 14, 2017

How to get your Xero report templates "on brand" with colours and logo

This post is for Xero Partners who use Xero Report Templates.You also want to make them look as professional and on-brand as possible.Get your logo and HEX colour set up!...

August 14, 2017

Exclusive invitation to Xero partners - beta test our courses

This post is for Xero Partners who want to have customers who use Xero well, so you can focus on better services and adding more value to them so they can live their dreams.  If that is you, read on, if it is not, you can leave now....

August 5, 2017

Mental Health In The Cloud - Is the cloud creating anxiety for you?

This post is for any professional that wants to improve their mental health and their relationships with others. Essentially this is about you.I have had my fair share of meetings with accounting and bookkeeping firms (3 years at Xero). In these meetings, the underlying focus is on moving from desktop / server based accounting practice systems to cloud systems.Whilst training 17 accountants on Xero report templates at a large Sydney CBD based firm, I sensed some unease in the team but could not ...

July 28, 2017

Choosing a business app?............use Zapier

This blog post is for: business owners who are looking at choosing an app for their business. Any app, not just accounting softwareReading this should take: 5 minutes...

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