"Anyone can create a vision, but not all people can successfully execute that vision"


Helping you with Xero HQ

We want to help you transform your practice to a modern, slick, efficient and powerful platform that enables great results for you, your customers and your community. 

Do you want to move your accounting firm online

If you are serious about moving your accounting practice online, then there are tons of aspects that need to be executed for it to be a success.

Items such as data migration, cultural change, process changes, staff training and app selection to name a new.

Each item comes with its own unique requirements, its own risks and its own opportunities. 

Which way to do you want to go?

Do it yourself

Your first option is to do it yourself.

Xero will provide you with an account manager and possibly some consulting services, either paid or unpaid. They will help you with all of or either Xero, Xero report templates, Xero practice manager and Xero workpapers.

This will take care of most of your compliance needs.

Add in G Suite or Office 365, and could start operating your practice online.

However, ultimately, the onus of the success of this transformation sits with you. 

Would you rather pay experts to ensure everything comes together they way it should?

Try us

With us, you transfer the onus of the success onto us.

We have a best practice methodology which includes:

  1. Platform choice - the choice of your Xero HQ practice ultimately lies with you. Let us ensure you know what you are buying
  2. Data conversions - there is always data, heaps and heaps of data, some good, some worthless. We help you understand what needs to come over and why.
  3. Integrations - some software integrates, some doesn't (yet), some integrations are valuable, some aren't. Integrations affect processes and workflows. Let us guide you on assessing value
  4. Process updates and workflow design - making sure you capture all benefits and optimise workflows. Let us update these for you
  5. Templates, checklists and guides - we have a set of resources that make this project simple yet effective. Use these tools
  6. Staff training - process change requires training. Let us train your staff based on the new processes
  7. Customer training - having customers who know how the new systems work will enable greater efficiencies. Let us train your customers to make sure they use Xero (as well as other software) properly. We cater to all budgets
  8. Change management - these projects are never easy and there are always some headaches and roadbumps. We anticipate and control these for you
  9. Managing technical experts / implementors - you will be using experts and these experts will need to be managed and kept in check. We do that
  10. Future planning - Xero HQ continues to evolve and add greater and greater value. We work with Xero to ensure that we can help you plan for future changes

How do I know you can help me?

Which customer type are you?

We have identified that our customers can fit into customers types:

  1. Start up firm - this is either sole practitioner or 2 or more partners and has no legacy technology and documents
  2. Sole practitioner established - this is a 1 partner firm with staff who has been operating for some time and has legacy technology and documents
  3. 2 or more partner established - this is a 1 partner firm with staff who has been operating for some time and has legacy technology and documents
  4. Larger mid-tier firm - this is a larger firm with multiple locations and will have legacy technology and documents
  5. Big 4 - we all know who they are and they have legacy technology and documents

Each customer comes with it's characteristics and therefore requires a different bundle.

So which one are you?

Your journey so far

We need to look at where you are now.

We need to look at what you have.

We need to look at where you are going.

For example, some practices have already moved some parts of the business online, such as tax or reporting. Then they want to move job management and documents, plus they want to start offering some new advice services, whether operational advice or financial advice.

So how does it work for me?

Quick 15 minute chat first

You book us for a FREE 15 minute chat below.

We will figure out where you are and where you want to go.

Then we decide whether we can work with you.

Scoping Your Needs

If yes, then we move onto a full scoping process which involves us looking deep into your practice and your plans. 

It will require you getting some data (we help you) so that we can get to the truth.

You pay for the scope as you can use it wether you engage us or not.

For the paid scope, some example questions are:

  1. What legacy accounting practice technology do you use?
  2. Which new cloud accounting apps, if any, have you signed up and are using?
  3. How many partners are there?
  4. How many accountants are there?
  5. Where does the most revenue come from? Tax returns, BAS, advice, wealth.
  6. What does you complete client base look like? How many individuals, how many super funds and how many entities that need financial statements?
  7. How many clients are on Xero now? Which ones login and use Xero?
  8. How many more Xero ledgers do you need?
  9. For customers that don't use Xero, what do they use?
  10. What industries do you specialise in? If any?
  11. What cloud apps are you using now?
  12. What apps do your customers talk about?
  13. What are your future plans for the practice?
  14. Do you have a type of advisory service? Operational or financial advisory? Or both?
  15. Do you want to offer new services?
  16. Are you using or considering a move to fixed monthly fees?
  17. What new products do you want to introduce? Why?
  18. Do you have any reporting entities that need GPFR?
  19. How many clients have problems managing data such as expenses / deductions 

Then we can design a bundle that meets your plans.

Creating your transformation plan

After the detailed scope, we map out a plan.

These plans are usually 24 months long. 

Each customer we have has different needs, so we really make sure the plan is extremely results focused.

Your results.

The onus is on us to get you there.

Choose a time for a FREE 15 minute chat

Example Bundle

We recently helped an accounting firm transform to an online practice. 

Their new practice platform includes:

  1. Xero HQ for client information
  2. Xero for financial statements
  3. Xero for management reports
  4. Xero tax
  5. Xero projects to run the accounting firm with timesheets
  6. Office 365
  7. Practice Ignition for proposals, payments and client management
  8. Boma for marketing for growth of the practice
  9. Rocketspark for thier website
  10. Datamolino to automate expense / tax deduction management

Using us meant they could get on with running the firm, whilst the transformation took place. 

There was no disruption to their clients.

They removed clunky processes.

They got staff engaged and motivated.

They won.


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