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Management Reports

Time Saving Guide

Invite us into your Xero

When we work for you, we need to be invited into your Xero practice (Xero HQ)

Please use these details.

Your Staff List

When we train you, we need to know some basic information about your staff.

We need to know items such as:

  1. Name
  2. Position
  3. Xero experience

Please download and complete this list and send to us.

XPA Ledger conversions with Upbooks

MYOB, Sage and Reckon Ledger Conversions with ZeroBooks

We help with many items around moving to Xero for financial reporting.

However, sometimes a semi-automated data process can save time and headaches.

Check out what Zerobooks can do to help you.

Download the guide here.

Ledger Shells Template

If you are adding lots of Xero ledgers, your Xero account manager can help you get "shells" set up. They need data in MS excel.

A shell is a Xero organisation completely empty except for your new master chart of accounts, plus a few basic details.

The value is you are saved having to add them all one-by-one. 

The best way to figure out how many ledgers you need is, go into your tax software or ATO portal, export a report of "lodged tax returns". Remove individual, FBT and SMSF and you will be left with sole traders, partnerships, companies and trusts. 

Get started early and use our basic template below.

Download the basic template here.

Prevent tax for your clients

We can build you a tax preventer using Xero.

This allows you to:

  • Forecast actuals for a period - EG 9 months
  • Estimate the final 3 months based on the actuals
  • Determine an estimated 12 months
  • Make adjustments, addbacks and deductions
  • Distribute estimate and real income to clients
  • Determine the tax refundable or payable

Download it here


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