Greg Hollands, Numbers Partnership

Hi Erin,

Great experience with Donnie!  All new templates have been designed and I have had a training session with him. Applied the learning and have managed to complete some tasks for clients so the results are fantastic for us so far! I would highly recommend him to any other of your contacts that are suffering with he reporting aspects like we were. Thanks for the reference.

Sam Musgrave, Nine Advisory

We knew we would need experts when we set up our practice on Xero. So we engaged Donnie from Entry Counts to help us with our Xero financial statements. 

Donnie came in and redesigned the Xero reports from the ground up, provided the chart of accounts to match the reports and trained our team.

Now our system is automated, efficient and designed for scale, so we can just get on with our jobs knowing that we have the best in class Xero report templates.

PKF Sydney Team

We wanted to make the Xero report templates process more efficient and automated. So we decided to find an expert in this area and make sure the job got done properly. 

So we met up with the Entry Counts team and discussed our needs. Using our specific requirements, the Entry Counts team vastly improved our Xero report templates which has created a much smoother, efficient and effective financial statement process. 

The training videos also gave us plenty of tips and tricks that saved us a huge amount of time. 

Well worth the investment.

Katie Bryan, Propellor Advisory

Starting a new firm can be tough and time management is a struggle. Administrative tasks can really get in the way. 

Donnie at Entry Counts provided us with amazing Xero reporting templates which we otherwise would have had to build ourselves. This has allowed us to really focus on growing the firm and dedicating time to our clients. 

Working with Donnie was a breeze and well worth the investment! 

Elliott Brannen, Tempo Tax

I found Donnie via LinkedIn and had contacted him within minutes. I love Xero but like many others, I knew I wasn't using it as efficiently as I should. I had tried to come up with some good practice templates but was never happy with the result, and it seemed to take ages. 

Donnie's service was excellent. 

I was provided with a full suite of report templates, all uploaded and ready to go, plus training for the team and a series videos that I can access at any time if I get stuck. Since working with Donnie and Entry Counts, it has removed a major bottleneck and added an extra layer of efficiency that we needed. 

Highly recommended.

Sylvia Troccoli

We decided to move to the cloud and we wanted as many efficiencies as possible. We were referred by Xero to Entry Counts. They came in and discussed our needs and plans and then set out to build us as many reports as we wanted. Now we have a wonderful set of reports which have created huge efficiency gains through streamlined processes. 

Entry Counts saves us time. 

Highly recommended.

Lachlan Bonser, LB Advisory

Considering a platform for financial reporting, I identified the need for a better model from Xero. My Xero account manager (Michael Hickson) referred me to Donnie from Entry Counts. Donnie and his team designed and built a set of templates that now meet the reporting needs for our clients.

The templates, complimented by training from Entry Counts, now provide substantial efficiencies through streamlined reporting templates and workflows.

We can now confidently prepare and present reports accurately using the best of a Xero reporting platform available

Steven Want, Want Group

At Want Group we are transforming our practice to the cloud so we can better serve our clients and maximise automation.

We needed some support for Xero report templates and Donnie provided the essential elements for success, including report templates, chart of accounts, technical help videos and also helped us with our clients Xero files.

Doing this without him would have taken us 10 x as long!

Thanks Donnie!

Barclay Judge, Judge Accountants

After working with the Xero platform for a couple of years, we really felt the need for more efficient and professional looking Xero reports. 

We decided that engaging Xero report templates experts was the best option, as this allowed us to focus on our customers requirements as well as our industry needs without fuss and headaches. 

The Entry Counts team designed, built and trained us. They used a combination of our specific needs as well as their best practice recommendations. This saved us hours of time. 

Well worth the investment for Judge Accountants.


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