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Scoping Your Needs

Are you wanting the best reporting system that allows data flow, quick turn arounds and valuable output?

We are wizards with this stuff.

We have a best practice methodology that will save you headaches, time and effort.

Take a look at some of the resources here.

Here is what we need to discuss:

  1. What is your current accounting practice technology?
  2. How many partners are there?
  3. How many accountants are there?
  4. Where does the most revenue come from? Tax returns, BAS, advice, wealth.
  5. What does you complete client base look like? How many individuals, how many super funds and how many entities that need financial statements?
  6. How many clients are on Xero, QBO, MYOB, Rounded or Others?
  7. What industries do you specialise in? If any?
  8. What are your future plans for the practice?
  9. Do you have a type of advisory service? Operational or financial advisory? Or both?
  10. Do you want to offer new services?
  11. Are you using or considering a move to fixed monthly fees?
  12. What new products do you want to introduce? Why?

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